Saturday, November 7, 2009

Drying up...

you can't really tell by this pic, but this towel was the inspiration behind my crafts today.  Memaw, Nat's Grandma, got Ethan this hooded towel and we both love it!  It is a regular size towel and works perfect for my big boy!  He takes up every bit of fabric once he is all snuggled in after his bath.  Well, I decided I need another one, seeing as though this is the only one I have.  So if you aren't into sewing, you could probably skip this post, could get pretty boring.

First you need to get a regular sized bath towel or smaller for baby and a hand towel to match.  Start with the small hand towel.  Fold it in half, pretty ends together and cut in the middle.

This will make two identical pieces.  You only need one per towel.

I wanted to put this on the outer side to make it fun, but you can use whatever material you like or even nothing at all.

Cut the two pieces of material so they match in size.  Pin them together.

Sew only three sides of the material together.  If your fun print is one sided, sew it on the inside (pretty side to pretty side) so when you flip it it is right side out.  I left the unfinished side open, I am going to sew that later.

Now you can add your ribbon wherever you would like.  I accidentally put mine too far back, but thats ok...  I guess.

Now the fun part.  I measured about six inches along the bottom and pinned it.  I measuerd about 7 inches along the top and I sewed from pin to pin, inside out, at a diagonal.  After, I cut off the extra fabric.

Then I folded it like a triangle and sewed about two inches down from the peak across.  Parallel to the bottom.

This is what it looks like when you turn it inside out.

Next, I layed out the large towel and marked it in the center.

I attached the hood, center line to center line.

Last step, I sewed them onto each other and ta-da!  You have a cute towel for your cute baby!!

I hope this wasn't confusing.  Let me know if you have any questions.  See, the ribbon should be further up, it sort of looks like a bonnet.  Oh well.  Better luck next time right?
"Mom, I can't wait to use it! Thank you!!"
I would do anything for that smile!

Now excuse me, I need to check the towel for any left over pins.  That wouldn't be good!!

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