Thursday, November 5, 2009

another day...

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous!  I wish that it would stay like this, mid 70's, no wind, it's perfect!
 The guys had a big tree job to plant, so they loaded up the machine with the auger.  Doesn't this yellow machine look familiar?  It has so many good uses!

All of the trees getting ready to go to their new home.  I wish the part where the beautiful fall color stayed on the trees lasted longer also.  But when the trees go dormant (lose their leaves for the winter), this is the best time to dig or plant them.  Better for the tree to survive.  These are beautiful Autumn Blaze Maples, they are really red in the fall.

Ethan and I went outside to see what new pics we could take, flowers are always a pretty subject.  Here we have a visitor, he decided he wanted to get his pic taken.  We have many bees around the nursery, as you can imagine.  They don't bother anyone, they are more interested in the pollen.  Bees are actually wonderful, I bet you didn't know that they are a lot of the reason for all of the flowers and trees and beautiful landscape.  Maybe you did, I didn't until Ryan told me.  So I don't mind you bees, keep pollenating!!

Don't scroll down yet.  This pic is like one of those eye quizzes, can you see two bugs in the pic above?  Obviously the bee, but there is one more that decided to make an appearance.  Can you find it?  Don't cheat...
You can find the answer at the bottom of the post.

Ethan decided to pick some flowers.
"Here you go Mommy, because you are so special."
"Thank you Ethan, I love you too!"
Well, I'm pretty sure thats what he said.

Sacked out!  This carrier works like magic.  I hope I didn't jinx myself!

Rested from his mid-afternoon nap, he decided he need to play.

Time for dinner, this is the second time to steam up some broccoli for him.  He really likes it.  It is one of the easiest things to feed him and he doesn't make that much of a mess, which is fine by me!  I hope he continues to like broccoli, I came around to it in my mid-20's.

OK, Here is the answer...

Crazy huh? Did you see it in the first pic??  Did you scroll down early?  I would have!! I feel like Perez Hilton, maybe I should have made some funny captions...

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